Hiring a Marketing coordinator / Community Developer

Looking for a person who would take on the roles of Marketing Coordinator and Community Developer at Clever-Plays.
October 2019
reply to: info@clever-plays.com

This is a full-time, on-site position with a competitive salary.
The expected experience level is junior or intermediate.

We’re looking for someone who:
– has CEGEP-level education in communication or marketing
– shows active presence on social media and communities
– is used to producing frequent social media content, be it personal or professional

Required soft skills
– high degree of organization
– adaptable and ready to take on many new challenges
– mastery of the English language
– upbeat, social and communicative
– passionate about games

Task list
– organize and perform the day-to-day operations of the marketing campaign
– work towards the goal of growing a community and making it feel excited about Clever-Plays’ games
– take charge of Clever-Plays’ social media and communications
– use graphic design and video editing skills to produce marketing assets, including screenshots or gifs of the game
– manage relations with media and influencers
– organize marketing beats
– organize and be present at game events
– be ready to perform other tasks when not busy, such as QA or organizing playtests

Why work at Clever-Plays ?
Clever-Plays is a family-sized independent video game studio based in downtown Montréal. Our games are made by gamers for gamers. Our first game was Leap of Fate, a top-down shooter set in a world mixing cyberpunk and magic. The current project is a unique coop game about infiltration.

What defines us?
– We’re passionate people working on games we’re proud of
– We’re a small team, meaning everyone has a large impact on the game
– Respect is our key word; respect for the team and respect for our players
– No crunch
– 4 weeks of vacation a year
– Flexibility
– Transparent management that cares
– FR and EN welcome

Come live the indie experience with us!

reply to: info@clever-plays.com