Physical version of Leap of Fate on PS4

If you’re a collector or just like to get exclusive goodies for your favorite games, you might be interested by Leap of Fate’s Limited Edition, only available as a physical version on PS4. This edition contains The Leap of Fate game disc (region free) A nicely illustrated color manual with character stories, lore and a […]

Clever Plays, Leap of Fate / 25 Sep 2018

Our Most Anticipated 2018 Games

Hey everyone! Game development here at Clever-Plays has been slowly chugging along — how is it almost the end of January already? We’ve got some announcements coming up for the next few weeks… keep an eye out! (Also did you hear Leap of Fate came out in Japan on the PS4?) A new year means […]

Clever Plays, Community / 30 Jan 2018

Our Favorite Indie Games from Gamescom 2017

Gamescom 2017 mainly consisted of 33 or so meetings for us, but in between all that we were lucky enough to try an amazing array of indie games. While most games were probably great (look, we didn’t have enough time to tackle all of them), these were some that caught our eye. Check them out […]

Clever Plays, Community / 20 Sep 2017

Clever-Plays Team: What We’re Playing

Hey! It’s Victoria, the community manager at Clever-Plays. The team thought it’d be cool to share what we’ve been playing and share some thoughts on it once in awhile with you guys. Have an opinion? Want to recommend a game to us? Comment or tweet at us to let us know! Forewarning: you’re gonna be […]

Clever Plays, Community / 05 Jul 2017

The New Look of the Clever-Plays Website

After long and tireing efforts, we are proud to announce the new version of our site web. This makeover demonstrates our taste for quality and our love for games! Don’t miss out all the new content we offer you every week.

Clever Plays / 17 Apr 2017

The Challenges of Developing for PC and Mobile. Part 2: Graphics

When we first started on Leap of Fate, our original goal was to make a hardcore 3D action game that would feel equally at home on both PC and mobile. This article describes the thought process and technical decisions that helped us develop the game’s graphics. Although the focus is on 3D pipelines and optimization, we’ll also touch on our general graphical direction to start with.

Clever Plays, Leap of Fate / 25 Oct 2016

The Challenges of Developing for PC and Mobile. Part 1: Controls

Designing Controls Written by Mattieu Bégin and Jonathan Guillemette. When we first started on Leap of Fate, our original goal was to make a hardcore action game that would play equally well on PC and Mobile. We knew that many action games had failed on Mobile because of the controls, so not only did we […]

Clever Plays, Leap of Fate / 03 Oct 2016

PAX is Coming – Give Your Booth the Thought it Deserves

Planning Planning a booth for a large convention such as PAX can be intimidating. It is, after all, the moment many strangers see your game for the first time, and you want to capitalize on that opportunity. How can you stand out from all of the other booths around? How can you make the booth […]

Clever Plays / 07 Apr 2016

Leap of Fate’s narrative inspiration

Although the game is action-focused at its core, it also contains a strong narrative aspect. And this is what I’d like to share with you in this post. At Clever-Plays, we have always been big fans of comic books of all sorts, ranging from Tintin, Asterix, Marvel, DC, and manga to a slew of indie […]

Clever Plays, Leap of Fate / 17 May 2014

Leap of Fate : Soundtrack

Music is undoubtedly an integral part of how a player experiences a game; it can inject emotions and facilitate immersion. In fact, a good soundtrack can substantially contribute to making a game memorable, as in the case of Bastion, for example. Defining Leap of Fate’s sound identity was no easy task. To conform to the […]

Clever Plays, Leap of Fate / 03 Mar 2014