Meet the Clever Crew: Annie-Kim!

Bonjour! My name is Annie-Kim Robitaille. It’s been a year since I worked at Clever Plays as a junior programmer, here in Montréal. A fun thing to know about me, I’m not a typical gamer. In fact, I came from the literature field and I mostly fancy narrative games.

Get to Know Annie-Kim!

What is your role on the Clever Crew? 

I’m a gameplay programmer, which means that I code a little bit of everything that will be in the game. It can be a little UI panel as much as an AI feature. And since we’re a very small team, I sometimes get to give my opinion about the game design.


What makes you really excited about your job? 

I don’t know if I can mention it, but right now we’re prototyping a new game which will hopefully be really nice! Also, I like to chat with the other programmers, from whom I learn a lot everyday.


What would you say is the most difficult part of your role?

Since I’m new to the job, I’d say that the most difficult part is to find some foundations. Everything is always new to me, and it’s tough to acquire confidence when you feel that you don’t thoroughly master what you’re doing. But fortunately, I know this will get better with time.


What was your favourite memory of working on Operation:Tango?

I wasn’t part of the studio at that time, but I really enjoyed the game as a player. I completed it both as the hacker and the agent. When I got the job at Clever Plays, I was so excited and proud to meet the team; I felt a bit like a crazy fan!


What is your favourite game you’ve played? 

My favourite game of all time is Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales from CD Projekt Red. It’s a card RPG derived from The Witcher’s Gwent in which you play Queen Meve of Lyria. Every little detail of this game is flavoured, from the score to the incredible story!


This or That Section:

PC or Console?  – PC

Coca-Cola or Pepsi? None of them, that’s not good for your teeth!

Cats or Dogs? In fact, I prefer rodents.

Sweet of Salt? 100% salt!


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