Indie Games to Wishlist this Spring

There are so many fantastic indie games coming out this year, but we wanted to highlight a few that are sitting at the top of our wishlists.

Why wishlist?

One of the best things you can do to help support indie game developers is to wishlist their games! It lets us, and others, know that people are excited for the games we are creating, gives us a sense of our community and audience, and makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

In no particular order, here are some of our favourite indie titles sitting on our wishlists.

Jack Axe

Be Jack! Get an axe! Take Jack (and her sisters) on an axe tossing, single or multiplayer, platforming adventure in a vibrant open world inspired by Filipino and Norse mythology. This platforming, pixel-art game not only looks gorgeous, it features strong women with axes! The multiplayer also supports up to 4 players and looks like a fantastic time with friends. Want to grab an axe? Wishlist it on Steam now!


Deepest Chamber

Deepest Chamber is a single player deck building card game with roguelike elements, that is set in a dark fantasy themed world. The player is tasked to overcome an increasingly challenging descent into the murky depths of a dying medieval city. Build your deck from a mix of different classless ability cards, scrounge for handy consumables or ancient powerful relics and uncover the story of an array of mysterious characters who can prove to be either friends or foes. If you like games like Slay the Spire, make sure you wishlist Deepest Chamber here!

Wave Break

Kickflips and pop clips while you carve the cool waters in Wave Break, the world’s first skateBOATING game. Score sick trick combos and shoot down opponents in an 80s Miami Vice inspired world, with outlandish characters, online multiplayer and a fresh synthwave soundtrack. The art style and vibes of this game are magnificent, and if you want to get vapourwave fresh and rock it old school? This game is absolutely worth a wishlist. Grab a lifejacket, some shades, and sunscreen as you wishlist it.



Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Take control of an adorable turnip who happens to be an absolute menace to society. After failing to pay taxes and getting evicted from your home, you must go on an epic quest to pay back your massive debt to Mayor Onion. Garden tools to solve plantastic puzzles, meet eccentric vegetables and fruits, and take on treacherous fights against animals both big and small. Along the journey uncover what’s spoiling this garden community and rise to tear down the corrupt vegetable government! Wishlist this turnip right now!




AK-xolotl is a top-down arcade battle arena shooter featuring the cutest amphibian. You’re an axolotl with an AK (duh!) and you must defend your pond from enemy invaders to score big! If you love bullet-hell games like Enter the Gungeon or Binding of Isaac, this one cute creature is right up your alley. Wishlist it here today!




Thought we would forget our most anticipated indie title of the year? On it’s own website? Okay so we may be a little bit biased but make sure you have Operation:Tango wishlisted on Steam, and grab a friend to check out the demo which is available for free download on Steam right now!