2022 Wrapped!

What a year 2022 has been! We can’t wait for what 2023 has in store, but for now, let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to this last year.

We celebrated our first game’s sixth birthday!

Over these 6 years, we’ve learned a lot, always striving to make our games better, but we will never forget the love we have for our first game, Leap of Fate. If you haven’t seen it before, be sure to check it out on Steam, especially if you like roguelikes!

LizMac on the Move!

This year we sent our community manager out to both PAX East and West! Now that conventions are happening in person again, it was finally time to get to reconnect with our community. From Boston to Seattle, a wonderful time was had! We even got to give a panel talking all about how the pandemic changed co-op games and co-op game development.

One Year of Tango!

We celebrated Operation:Tango’s first birthday with giveaways, community streams, Discord parties and more! It was fantastic to have the community celebrating with us. Operation:Tango is absolutely a labour of love and we are so proud of the game, and of the community that has come to love it.

Things got Speedy!

All year we hosted a Speedrunning challenge in our Discord for the Operation:Tango DLC! We had entrants from all over the world; some were friends, siblings, and others were just random players, all trying to win that top spot! It was exhilarating for us as developers to see how quickly they could speed past, or sometimes through, the challenges we had made.

Repping at the Game Awards!

Our studio co-founder, Angela, got to represent the Clever Crew at this year’s Game Awards! It was absolutely amazing to see all the reveals of new games, as well as getting to recognize some of the fantastic games to come out this year!

With that, the 2022 season has come to a close! We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings us and are extremely thankful to have you all along for the ride!

~LizMac and the Clever Crew