Happy Bastards

Happy Bastards is an open-world tactical RPG with turn-based combat in which you assemble a squad of unruly mercenaries to explore, fight, and loot.

Let the bastards do the dirty work while you give the orders, reap the rewards, and live the high life. Who needs XP when you’re famous?

Fame is the Name of the Game

Why risk lifting a sword when your disposable mercs can do all the dirty work? Just rely on your silver tongue and shamelessness to build your claim to fame, one flashy act at a time.

Tend to Your Unruly Bastards

These ruthless warriors are as dumb as a bag of rocks. Be prepared to babysit in and out of combat as your bastards argue, cause mischief, and speak their minds. Who said being the boss would be easy?

Be Hands-On at Arm’s Length

Shout commands from a safe distance while your bastards execute each of your combat tactics. Whether ordering a perfectly-timed tag-team ability or sacrificing a human meat shield, you make the call–but never take the fall.

All the Scheming, None of the Guilt

Lead a morally-bankrupt campaign across a parody-filled fantasy world. Every town, hero, and monster faction can be turned ally or foe, so choose wisely because you’ll have to live–and your bastards likely die–with the consequences.

Who needs XP when you’re famous?