Our Most Anticipated 2018 Games

Hey everyone!

Game development here at Clever-Plays has been slowly chugging along — how is it almost the end of January already? We’ve got some announcements coming up for the next few weeks… keep an eye out! (Also did you hear Leap of Fate came out in Japan on the PS4?)

A new year means new games to look forward to, and we’ve gathered the games the team has been looking forward to the most!


Guillaume – Art Director

Trüberbrook is not only an intriguing sci-fi mystery adventure game set in 1960’s Germany, but one of the most intriguing aesthetics I’ve seen. I’m into the beautiful stop-motion look and if you watch their trailer, you can see why. From their website: “The whole scenery and all backdrops will be build as real miniature scale models, captured with a 3D scanner, digitally polished and then blended with animated characters, visual effects and set extensions.”

Monster Hunter: World

Yohan – 3D artist

It’s already out, so guess what I’ve been doing nonstop for the past few days? As a huge Monster Hunter fan for years, this obviously had to be the game for me this year. Why?

  1. Seamless gameplay where players and monsters can move from one map area to another freely, without loading screens and with dynamically transitions between night and day.
  2. A living and breathing ecosystem which lets you utilize the surrounding environment and wildlife to your advantage.
  3. Gigantic kick-ass monsters to hunt and battle.

I’m also quite eager to try Vampyr, Bloodstained, God of War, Scorn and Agony… when I can put down Monster Hunter: World, anyway.

Industries of Titan

Mattieu – Game Director

Rarely are there games that I feel the NEED to play after only seeing a single image on Twitter. But what can I say, Industries of Titan just speaks to me.

I love the intricate cyberpunk-ish aesthetics, the promise of a sophisticated city simulation, the strategy and resource management necessary to outcompete other corporations, and the space industry theme.

I’m also very eager to try Into the Breach and Graveyard Keeper.


Guillaume – Programmer

I don’t get the whole waiting for a game thing, there are literally thousands of great game out there that I could try, let alone the couple hundreds that I own but still haven’t played. I’ve seen people around me wait for a game, creating their own vision of it, and be thoroughly disappointed by the end product countless time.

If I really had to name a game, though, it would be waiting for a released early access game to get out of early access. That would be Astroneer, the early version I played was really enjoyable but it’s potential is way over the current state. The game is simple and cute, building a base on another planet is a fun experience as oxygen become an essential resource. While the concept of the game isn’t exactly novel, the execution is great, and most aspect where fun, polished and intuitive. Albeit a bit lacking in feature and length, they’re working on exactly the kind of thing that will contribute greatly on those point while having a solid and fun foundation.

Phoenix Point

Renaud – Game Designer

A game designer with years of experience on the X-COM series plus the freedom of working without an editor may be the recipe for a fantastic new game.

I’ve always loved that the X-COM series always managed to combine simple controls with deep strategies. Can’t wait to see what this new alien invasion is going to bring us!

Mineko’s Night Market

Victoria – Community Manager


I’ve always been a fan of cozy games and it doesn’t get any more cozier than crafting, eating, and cat petting. If you like/know anyone who likes Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, or Harvest Moon, you should definitely keep an eye on this. Even if you’re not into the gameplay, the art style is entirely unique with it’s crayon-like, pastel palette.

One of the best things about games is the vast variety of interests they’re able to touch upon. Our team generally differs in the kinds of games we enjoy playing, but the love for all of them is there!